Practical Steps to Christ-like Living


Just a few practical steps towards Christ-like living:

Confess your sins to God (God will forgive you)

  • We must put a name on sin. Many times we let thoughts linger because we refuse to name them as sin.  Church folk are OK with speaking generically of sin.  We tremble at specifics.

Pray to God daily (God will guide you)

  • Prayer is two-way communication centered on a personal relationship. Imagine a marriage with no or poor communication.

Read your Bible daily (God will speak to you)

  • We live in a world of 24 hour news cycles, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, doom and gloom.  We need to hear a word from God.

Connect to Christian community (God will encourage you)

  • You need people that will push you towards holiness not people who will keep you in the gutter.

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