Road of Thorns

I led a mission trip to Romania in 2012.  On a day full of visits, our team entered the home of Rosalia.  She lived in a room probably the size of the bathroom in your home. The single room was detached from the family home.  She was isolated due to her faith in Jesus Christ. Her family didn’t want her around. A single room.  No heat.  No running water.

Rosalia was overwhelmed with gratitude as we entered her living space.  She quickly departed and returned with fresh fruit from her little garden and plate of cookies.  She forced us to eat.  She then asked, “Can I sing you a song?”

She sang a song in her native language – which we didn’t understand.  Through a translator we were told the song lyrics: “Even if I have to walk a road of thorns to follow Christ, I will do it.  I will place my hand in the nail scarred hands.”

On this day … may you follow Jesus wherever He leads you.

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