Small World: MasterLife & Dr. Edgemon

Dr. Roy

When I became pastor of the First Baptist Church of Sulphur Springs, Texas last month, I gained the privilege of Roy Edgemon calling me his pastor. This afternoon I was thrilled to have an office visit with this legendary figure in Baptist life.

Dr. Roy T. Edgemon, led the Southern Baptists’ discipleship training program for 22 years. In April of 2000 he retired as director of the discipleship and family group of LifeWay Christian Resources. During his tenure, the concept of undated discipleship courses was introduced in 1978. He was influential in the development and writing of The MasterLife course, now used throughout the world to disciple followers of Jesus Christ. It was this very course that changed my life when I was a college freshman.  Soon after coming to faith, I was invited into the home of Dennis Parnell to study the Bible, memorize Scripture, and pray. The foundation of that discipleship experience was MasterLife.

Dr. Edgemon also played a vital role in publishing “Survival Kit for New Christians,” which is now available in about 125 languages. He also helped develop interactive courses such as “Experiencing God” and “The Mind of Christ.”

Before joining LifeWay, Dr. Edgemon was director of volunteer projects coordination and director of evangelism planning and consultation for the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board (now North American Mission Board). He and his wife, Anna Marie, also served with the Foreign Mission Board (now International Mission Board) as missionaries to Japan for seven years. He was pastor of several churches in Texas after graduating from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas.

It was such an honor to sit back and listen as Dr. Edgemon told me stories about the early days of writing and publishing discipleship material that have blessed churches and Christians worldwide – to include me. I couldn’t help but smile at the grace of God.

*Some of Dr. Edgemon’s bio was borrowed from the following press release of his retirement: Click here.

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