Deep Water

Boat and Net on Shore.jpg

We often like things shallow…..shallow is easy. There is no fear of drowning in shallow water. There is no work to stay afloat in shallow water.  In Luke 5:1-11 Jesus calls his disciple into deep water.  He calls us to depth as well.

A Disciple’s Catch (vv1-7)

A disciple’s catch comes outside of comfort zones.  Peter (referred to as Simon and Simon Peter in this passage) was done fishing for the day.  It seems as if he wanted to go home and kick his feet up.  But Jesus said, “Put out into the deep water, and let down the nets.”

A disciple’s catch is beyond expectations.  Peter was a professional fisherman.  He had worked hard all night and came back with empty nets. What do you think he expected from Jesus’ command?  I don’t know but I doubt he expected enough fish to sink numerous boats.

A disciple’s maths is received from Jesus.  In no way does Peter deserve any credit for this miraculous catch.  All glory goes to Jesus.  As disciple we receive everything from Jesus. Apart from Jesus we can do nothing.

 If you are bored … perhaps you are not following Jesus. If you are not routinely saying “I didn’t see that coming!” … perhaps you are not following Jesus.

 A Disciple’s Confession (vv8-9)

 “I’m a sinner in need of Savior.”  Through this encounter Peter comes to grips with his own sin.  We don’t get specifics on how he came to this realization but all disciples must understand that they sin against a holy God.

“Jesus is Savior and Lord.”  Disciples also must recognize that Jesus alone is Savior. Disciples must also make Jesus Lord of their life.  Peter feels as if his sin should separate him from Jesus but Jesus invites him to follow.

You are a sinner but you are also called to follow Jesus and participate in the Kingdom of God. You have no greater invitation.

 A Disciple’s Mission (v10)

A disciple’s mission is to bring people to Jesus.  Peter and crew fished for fish. Yet, Jesus gives them a new mission.  Peter and crew now must fish for people.  Disciples may be school teachers, business owners or executives, farmers, accountant, mechanics, construction workers. But their real job is to bring people to Jesus.

 Be on mission. Your family needs it. Your community needs it. Your coworkers need it.

 A Disciple’s Obedience (v11)

 A disciple’s obedience is submission that results in lived out faith.  Peter and crew pulled up their boats, left everything, and followed Jesus.  Modern day disciples must do the same.  You must submit to Jesus in a way that results in lived out faith. You must demonstrate obedience.

Your obedience will be tested tomorrow and Tuesday and Wednesday. Be found faithful.

 Now What?

So I ask: Are your ankles merely wet from standing in shallow water … or are you miles from the shoreline enjoying deeper water?

When was the last time you put yourself aside and put your complete trust in God? Go out a little deeper.

When was the last time you grew spiritually because of a deepening relationship and experiencing of God? Go out a little deeper.

 As a community of Christ followers we should be marked by depth. We should be marked by going deeper. Lord let it be.

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