Series: Glorious Name

photo-3As November approaches so does a new sermon series.  For the month of November I’m preaching a series titled, “Glorious Name” using 1 Chronicles 29:10-20 as the passage for the entire month.    The passage contains David’s prayer prior to the building of the temple.  The prayer concludes with,

“Now, our God, we give you thanks; and praise your glorious name.”

Each week we will use aspect of David’s prayer to highlight characteristics of God and find reasons to give thanks for his work in our own lives.

There are plenty of reasons to give God thanks.  The question is … will we?

Today I give God thanks for my wife and daughter.  They are a constant reminder of God’s grace and goodness to me.  The beautiful duo just stopped by my office.  My wife in a Baylor t-shirt and a gorgeous smile.  My daughter in a chaotic ball of energy – she can destroy an office in a matter of seconds.

I give God thanks.

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