Post-Election Thoughts

I voted stickerI had a brief and insignificant political career.  During my college years I spent four months as a congressional intern.  I worked in a congressman’s local office mostly answering phones, corresponding with constituents through mail, and joyfully completing other grunt work.  It wasn’t glamorous but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Yet, after four months I had seen enough to know my political career was over.

My biggest observation from dabbling in politics: There must be a better way to bring about change.    Over a decade later, I’m convinced the local church is most effective change agent.

The day after the mid-term elections I offer a few remarks …

As followers of Jesus Christ we must constantly be reminded that our citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:20). Whether the election results mirrored the ballot we casted or whether the results were polar opposites of our ballot, we know a few things to be true:

  1. The tomb is still empty
  2. Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords
  3. The cross and resurrection, not the government, is our salvation

Our hope is not in  Senate races, government programs, executive orders, or Supreme Court nominees.  As citizens of heaven our hope is in the good news of Jesus Christ. The good news produces a God-shaped mission in the hearts of those who serve King Jesus. God did not create a heavenly citizenship for the purpose of creating strife and division. In fact, God desires the opposite outcome. To the people He reconciled to Himself, He gave a ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18).

Here is what I believe to be a truthful statement: You can do more for our community than any policy decision or legislative vote stemming from an elected office.

As followers of Jesus Christ, citizens of heaven, we are to be about God’s mission in the world. Your mission started the day you gave your allegiance to Jesus Christ. The mission field is at your doorstep. Let’s go to work.

Being citizens of heaven has clear political implications. I believe, as followers of Jesus Christ, we should pray for our political leaders and our nation in several ways:

(1) for God to guide our leaders;

(2) for our leaders to listen to God’s guidance and follow in obedience;

(3) for God to bring Spirit-led advisers and mentors into the lives of our leaders;

(4) for our military to be kept safe through peace-seeking efforts;

(5) for followers of Jesus Christ to live out the ministry of reconciliation;

(6) for spiritual awakening to come to America, as it has come to so many other nations.

As citizens of heaven, let us pray that our nation’s leaders follow God’s guidance as we follow God’s guidance as well.

Humbly submitted,

Pastor Jeff Gravens

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