Lunch with Friends

sack lunch2Every Tuesday I visit the local senior center.  Is filled with a small group of senior adults playing 42, putting together puzzles, and drinking coffee.  After a few minutes of chit chat, I load my car with food and head out for my Meals On Wheels deliveries.  I get the pleasure of visiting a number of members of our community in need of a hot meal and a friendly smile.

On Wednesday I started a new routine of visiting our local elementary school during lunch.  It was fun walking into the cafeteria and hearing the kids scream, “Pastor Jeff!” and then ask, “Why are YOU here?!?!”  I spent the lunch hour discussing the poor taste of yesterday’s lunch, plans for recess, and the fact that a helicopter landed in the school’s playground the day before.

A few observations from lunch with friends …

  • Food bring us together
  • Everyone enjoys a good conversation
  • We all have needs
  • We all have different stories, interests, personalities

We have a lot in common – young and old.  We are united by a common Creator and a common Savior.  There is something about lunch with friends that makes this truth apparent.

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