Nehemiah: God is the True Hero

The book of Nehemiah records the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem after the people of God returned from exile in Babylon.  Ezra, and later Nehemiah, led the restoration and rebuilding not only of the broken city but also the brokenhearted people.  The rebuilding of the wall is a gripping adventure story – filled with suspense and heroism.  Many make the book of Nehemiah a lesson in spiritual leadership, casting Nehemiah as a hero worthy of emulation.  While Nehemiah models faithfulness and devotion, like every book of the Bible, God is the true hero.

Repeated themes in Nehemiah:

The Greatness of God: Nehemiah is a book about the covenantal love and faithfulness of God. He works among his people.  He saves them.  He restores them. 

The Supremacy of Scripture: The heart of the book of Nehemiah is a gathering of people to hear Ezra expound the word of God.  Scripture is prayed and referenced throughout the rebuilding effort. 

The Priority of Prayer: Nehemiah begins and ends with prayer.  Fervent prayer is the response to the greatness of God. 

The Need for Godly Leadership:  Nehemiah reveals courageous leadership in the face of opposition and in the pursuit of faithfulness to God.  The people respond to his spiritual vitality.

*Introduction to a current sermon series through the book of Nehemiah. More posts to follow.

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