Reflection of the Burning Bush

Last Friday I spent an hour at the home of Roy and Anna Marie Edgemon. I sat in Roy’s office with an open ear. He is an endless fountain of wisdom and tales of God’s mighty work.

This visit was spent mostly hearing about Roy’s time as a missionary in Japan. He handed me pictures, told of old friends, and spoke highly of God Almighty.

I love the picture in this post. Not the one in my hand but the one hanging on the wall over Roy’s right shoulder. Perhaps it’s familiar to you. That’s the original commissioned artwork that became the cover of the Experiencing God book and study. Roy was influential in bringing that work to life.

I’ve seen the book cover countless times. Yet, I’ve never studied the artwork. When the original is at your fingertips, you notice more. Upon close examination, you can see how the artist placed the reflection of the burning bush in Moses’ eye.

I love to spend time with those who routinely experience God. It is as if they have the reflection of the burning bush in their eyes.

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