Camp Life


I just spent four days at preteen camp.  You can find my previous year’s camp posts here and here.

There is something special about days away from home with a group of kids.  Some seeking God.  Some seeking mischief.  Either way, God often uses the time to write in their wet cement souls.

I think of a young girl telling me, “I never knew about sin before this.  I never knew about forgiveness before this.”

I think of a young boy hearing a discussion about Jesus knocking at the door of your heart.  After contemplating the image, he remarked, “So Jesus is like a house cleaner that comes in and cleans up the mess in your heart? Cool.”

Somewhere between potty humor and boy/girl drama are holy moments.

I’m thankful for places like Camp Tejas.  I’m thank for the people of First Baptist Crawford that faithful financially support ministries.  I’m thankful for the four adults that traveled with me as camp sponsors. I’m thank for the parents of the 43 kids that entrust their little ones to us.

God bless them.  Literally.  God bless them.

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