10 Thoughts from Preteen Camp

I returned Tuesday afternoon from four days at preteen camp with 25 amazing kids and three adult sponsors.  I’m sore.  I’m tired.  I’m thankful.  Here’s 10 quick thoughts from preteen camp.

#1  You need to go to camp.    Yes – it will probably cost you vacation days.  Yes – your patience will be tested.  Yes – you will come home with a few minor injuries.  It’s all worth it.  Seeing kids have the time of their life is worth one thousand vacation days.  Seeing kids grow in faith is worth one million injuries.

#2 You find God when you seek God.  I cling to Jeremiah 29:13.  When we seek God with all of our heart – we find him.  God is not distant.  God is not hiding.

#3  Boys will be boys:  Over the course of 4 days I heard enough potty humor to last a lifetime.

#4  I need to realize the limitations that come with age.  Three days of the rope swing into the lake is two days (perhaps three days) too many.

#5  Friendship is a good thing.  I’ve helped provide leadership to this particular camp for the past four years.  I really enjoy four days of catching up with other camp leaders. I enjoy spending time with the other sponsors from FBC Crawford.   The kids enjoy seeing friends from previous years.

#6  Investing in young people is crucial.  Parents – disciple your children.  Church leaders – teach your congregation to disciple their children.  Churches – don’t merely babysit and call it children’s ministry.  Teach the glorious riches of the gospel.

#7  No matter the age of your mattress at home – it’s better than a camp mattress.  No explanation required.

#8  I’m thankful for my church.  First Baptist Crawford is a filled with generous, kind and supportive people.  They bless me every single day.  It’s an honor to serve them.

#9 Mud games are too much fun.

Mud Games.jpg

#10  Check out Camp Tejas.  It’s fantastic.

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