Missing Names


In the courtyard of First Baptist Crawford sits a historical marker that traces our church’s history dating back to it’s founding days in 1878. On this marker you’ll find the names of the founding leaders of First Baptist and certain pastors who led the church during significant times.

More specifically, you’ll find the name of the legendary pastor and Baptist leader George W. Truett who led a revival for this church during his time as student at Baylor University. If you walk the campus of Baylor University today you’ll find the George W. Truett Theological Seminary named in his honor. If you return to our historical marker you’ll find the name of Biblical scholar J.B. Tidwell who pastored First Baptist in 1913. If you walk the campus of Baylor University today you’ll find the Tidwell Bible building named in his honor.

Yet, there are names that you will not see on the historical marker in our courtyard. These names will not be honored with buildings on a college campus.  Missing are the nursery workers who care for young children and teach them the love of Christ. Missing are the VBS directors who lead a long week in the summer teaching children the word of God. Missing are the Sunday School teachers who week in and week out prepare to teach the Bible and answer unexpected questions. Missing are the faithful tithers who give sacrificially to keep the church running. Missing are the amen~ers who encourage the preacher from the pews. Missing are the members who daily lift up the church in prayer.  Missing are the people who serve and go unnoticed.  Missing are the the church members who are faithful witness to the community in their workplace, the post office, and the ballgame.  Missing are countless faithful people over the course of the 139 year history of First Baptist Crawford.

These faithful people are essential. For the church to fulfill it’s God-given mission ~ it takes you and me. It takes self-giving service. Let us be these people. Let us honor these people.

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