Chains for Christ

In our discussion of Philippians we saw how amazing things happen when you’re obedient to God. But you need to know that amazing things can be difficult.

Find the time to read Philippians 1:12-18.

Chained hands

Gospel partnership is not easy but worth it.

Paul was faithful to preaching the gospel and found himself in chains. Far too often we see difficulty as something outside of God’s will. Yet Paul, following in the footsteps of Jesus, found himself in difficulty through faithful obedience to God. Gospel partnership means devoting yourself to something of eternal value. It is worth it – no matter the cost. Remember, you are made holy by your relationship to Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ you have forgiveness of sin, abundant life right now, victory over death, the hope of eternal life. Being faithful to Jesus Christ this week will not be easy – but it’s worth it.

Difficulty provides opportunities for boldness.

Despite being chained for Christ, Paul’s imprisonment helped advance the gospel.  Due to Paul’s chains, brothers and sisters proclaimed the gospel without fear. Gospel partnership is not dependent upon a faithful few. Rather, gospel partnership is built upon the faithfulness of the church. When an opportunity presents itself – proclaim the gospel without fear. Most likely you will not face the threat of chains this week. Yet, I’m confident you will face conversations and situations to preach the gospel with Spirit filled boldness. We tend to want our preaching of the gospel to be perfect. We even want the gospel preached by other people to be perfect. Paul tells us in this passage: If Christ is preached – rejoice! The gospel deserves to be preached. Even if it comes imperfect people.

Gospel partnership provides a joyful worldview.

Despite difficulty, Paul viewed the world with a joy that can only come with the hope of the gospel. Paul did not focus on his chains. Rather, he focused on the work of God. How much more joy would be in your life if you lifted your eyes off your problems and placed your eyes on the work of God? I think it would make a world of difference.


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