Altar Call: Out Of The Mouth of Babes

I normally give a “soft” invitation after I’m done preaching a sermon.  I call people to respond in obedience to God but I stress that responsiveness to God can happen in many different ways.  “Walking the aisle” during our final song is merely one of many options.  Yet, for the past two weeks I’ve given a “stronger” invitation.  And both Sunday’s have yielded a response.

Week One: A church member asked for prayer concerning a serious situation.

Week Two: It was my daughter.

My daughter has only been remaining in the service to hear my sermon for three weeks.  Now that she’s in kindergarten she no longer leaves during the offering for children’s church.   As I approached “the aisle” this past Sunday, my daughter leaned over from the front row and whispered, “Daddy, I have something to tell you.”

My heart skipped a beat.  We’ve had a few serious spiritual conversations.  Could the Spirit be moving in my daughter?  Could my little one be ready to give her life to Jesus?

I kneeled down beside her and whispered back, “Yes dear?”

She responded, “There is no toilet paper in the girl’s bathroom.  I know you’re in charge of that.”

Preaching has a way of keeping you humble.

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