You are Broken

In John 4 you find a familiar story about Jesus’ encounter with a woman at a well.  What fascinates me most about this passage is the transformation we see take place through the course of a conversation:

John 4:9 Jesus is a Jewish man

John 4:19 Jesus is a prophet

John 4:29 Jesus is possibly the Messiah

John 4:42 Jesus is now “Savior of the world”

At the beginning of this well story the unnamed Samaritan woman sees Jesus as merely a Jewish man. After he exposes some details of her brokenness, she sees Jesus as a prophet. By the end of the conversation she is asking the question: Could this be the Messiah? The woman’s story ends with many from her town confessing Jesus as Savior of the world due to her testimony.  Praise be to God.

3 things I want you to takeaway from this conversation …

You are broken.

This woman had 5 husbands and was in a relationship with another. These 5 marriages ended by death, divorce, or some combination of two. Can you imagine the heartbreak and heartache? Can you imagine the isolation and shame? She was broken.

Your story is likely different but no less filled with brokenness. What is your particular area of brokenness? Many times life circumstance highlight your need for God. And let’s not forget to mention sin. My life is filled with great moments of pride, arrogance, lack of trust in God. What is your sin of choice?


You have a Savior in Jesus Christ.

Jesus offered this woman living water that leads to eternal life. It wasn’t because she deserved it. It wasn’t because she earned it. It was because she was a sinner and God is full of grace.

The grace offered to the woman at the well is the same grace offered to you and me. In Romans 5:8 we are told that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.  You need to repent of your sin and accept the grace offered to you through Jesus Christ. He is Savior of the world because he died for the sins of the world and provided victory over sin and death through his resurrection.


You have a story to tell.

For those who admit brokenness and confess Jesus as Savior of the world … you have a story to share. Like this woman at the well you need to lead people to Jesus Christ. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to be a work of scholarship. The story of transformation through Jesus is true and the truth is powerful. You need to proclaim: I was broken and Jesus made me whole. I’m a sinner and Jesus provided grace. I was dead and Jesus gave me life.

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