This will make us sound far more adventurous than we truly are but here’s a travelogue nonetheless.  A few words, more pictures.

In order to celebrate our wedding anniversary we decided to spend 24 hours without our beautiful, smart children.  We dropped them off with grandparents and departed on a short drive to Salado, Texas.

We spent the night at a beautiful little B&B.  We loved the Inn on the Creek and stayed in the cheapest room available.  The room was quirky and it was great.

My wife is wonderful and patient.  She puts up with my obsession with books and bookstores.  Salado has a unique bookshop that we stumbled upon.  Fletcher’s Books and Antiques is filled with surprises.

Fletcher's Books.JPG

On our way to Fletcher’s we stumbled upon  St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church.   It is literally a converted shed attached to the bookshop.  We walked under the church bell and turned the door handle to find a beautiful chapel, communion bread and wine, and a prayer hanging by the door.




In case you can’t read the sign:

Friend, you have come to this Church, leave it not without a prayer.  No man entering a house ignores him who dwells in it.  This is the house of God and He is here.

Pray then to Him who loves and bids you welcome and awaits your greeting.

Give thanks for those who in past ages built this place to his glory and for those who dying that we might live have persevered for us our heritage.

Praise God for his gift of beauty in painting and architecture, handicraft and music.

Ask that we who now live may build up the spiritual fabric of the nation in truth, beauty, and goodness and love and that that as we draw near to our father through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ we may draw

Nearer to one another in perfect brotherhood.

The Lord preserve thy going out and thy coming in.

I’m thankful for 24 hours of rest and books.  I’m extremely thankful for my wife.  I’m eternally thankful for a God who loves me.

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