God’s B&B

Read John 14:1-6 …

I want you to pay close attention to the imagery Jesus uses to describe Heaven.  Jesus describes Heaven as the Father’s house.  It is a house with many rooms.  Jesus is depicting a scene of comfort, peace, love, and relationship.

Older translations refer to “mansions” instead of “rooms.”  In the days of the older translations “mansion” meant dwelling place or the manor house of the Lord.  In today’s language “mansion” gives the impression of wealth or a high social standing.  This has contributed to a very materialistic view of Heaven.

We should not read this passage and gain a materialistic view of Heaven.  Rather, we should gain a relational view of Heaven.  Heaven is depicted as the Father’s house.  Disciples are welcomed in like family.

We shouldn’t picture a Hollywood mansion.  We should picture something more like a Bed and Breakfast.  God’s B&B.  Jesus has provided fresh linens, turned down the bed, and has breakfast waiting on you.  That might sound a bit crass but that’s the image Jesus has provided in John 14.  Jesus is going to the Father’s house to prepare a room for the disciples.

This should fill us with hope.  On difficult days we should meditate on Heaven.  When we are frustrated, discouraged, and well aware of the evil around us – we should meditate on eternal life in the Father’s house.

How do you get to a room in the Father’s house?  Thomas asks that same question.

Thomas asks: “How can we know the way?”

Jesus answers:  I am the way, the truth, and the life.  

Thomas is looking for a roadmap, a physical address.  He wants to put his GPS to work.

Thomas is looking for a roadmap but he receives a person.  He gets Jesus looking him in the eye.  Jesus tells him, “No one comes to the Father except through me.”

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