Arrrmor of God

(This is part four of a run down of our recent Break For The Border mission trip. You can find the first installment here and second installment here and the third installment here.)

The equip camp team was full of passion and energy – which proved to be a necessity.  The team met each night to teach kids about the “Arrrmor of God!” That’s right, we taught Ephesians 6:10-20 with a pirate theme.

The gospel truth was communicated through songs, crafts, puppets, Scripture monologues, and more. The group of kids came in each night full of excitement. By the last night the group of kids was 50 plus.  Space was limited but we got the job done.


This was the group to which I personally provided leadership (you’ll notice me dressed as a pirate in the pictures).  Let me share with you one story.  On the last day a team member came to me about half way through the camp and said, “I think we need to have a serious conversation about Jesus with Hesua.”  My response was as expected, “That sounds great!

I spent the next hour running around, dressed as a pirate of course, making sure everything was running as smoothly as possible.  As things were wrapping up I walked into the craft room and saw my team member having a conversation with Hesua.  As I walked up it was apparent what had just happened.  My team member vocalized what I already knew, “Hesua just gave his life to Jesus.” 

I love this story for two reasons 1) A 10 year old gave his life to Jesus Christ and 2) My team member responded to the Spirit’s prompting and followed in obedience.

After the conversation was over Hesua gave our group hugs and with tears in his eyes asked the group stay. I looked him and said, “We’ll be back next year.”





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