Every Day Is A Gift

(This is part two of a run down of our recent Break For The Border mission trip.  You can find the first installment here.)

I gave the empowerment team a very difficult job.  I admit it.  They were tasked with leading two classes each day at Buckner‘s Family Hope Center.  From 10-12am they led a class on parenting and from 1-2:30pm they led a class on marriage.  They surpassed my expectations by not merely teaching but also building relationships AND building crafts.  One of the crafts included a paraphrase of Psalm 100, “Everyday is a gift.”


With the help of a translator they crossed language barriers.  With the help of the gospel they communicated eternal truths.

Where does community transformation begin?  In the home.  Imagine the impact this group of women could have by transforming a community through Jesus-centered parenting and marriages.

IMG_7630IMG_5880 IMG_7681


I’m so proud of the empowerment team and the lasting impact they will have on the community of Peñitas, Texas.

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