Your Spiritual Gifts

This is a conversation I have often when folks come to visit the office.  It is also a topic I’m touching on in tomorrow’s sermon.  Yet, I don’t have the time tomorrow to go into great depth.  Here’s a little more info.  I stress “a little more info.”  It’s a big topic.


How Can I Know My Spiritual Gifts?

Pay Attention.  What gets the gears in your brain turning?  What excites you?  What energizes you?  Eric Liddell (Chariots of Fire) is quoted as saying, “When I run, I feel the pleasure of God.”  Do you ever experience anything like that?  If not – keep searching.  As a side note:  See Chariots of Fire.

Put It To Work.  Don’t merely pay attention to your gifts – put them to good use.  Find ways to get in practice.  When asked say, “Yes!”   This will also help the filtering process.  Perhaps you think you have a gift but after repeated practice you feel God moving you in a different direction.  Or after repeated practice you might feel God moving you forward.

Community.  We are often poor at self-assessment.  Too many times we think we’re the best when we’re not.  Too many times we think we’re the worst when we’re not.  This is where community can help us see things from a different  perspective.  They can provide correction when it is needed and they can provide encouragement when it is needed.

What Do You Think About Spiritual Gift Assessments?

Do you want the truth?  I’m not a huge fan.

Why?  As I said a moment ago, we are often poor at self-assessment.   We tend to rank our strengths too high and our weaknesses too low. My wife is a better judge of my strengths and weaknesses because she sees them every single day.  There is no hiding.

Is there a place for spiritual gift assessments?  Absolutely.  They begin the discussion.  They provide an on-ramp. They provide a place to start.  Use spiritual gift tests as a starting place but don’t let them end the discussion.

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