Church Reflections

breadcup glassI believe in the power of the local church.  I don’t believe in the power of the local church because I’m a pastor.  Rather, I’m a pastor because I believe in the power of the local church.

At 18 years old I experienced the power of the church and it’s been a driving force in my life ever since.

I’m blessed to hear stories of others who have similar experiences.

This weekend my wife and I took our daughter to an open gym at a nearby gymnastics company.  I immediately saw a familiar face … but couldn’t place the name or how I knew her.  One of those awkward encounters soon took place …

Hi.  Your face is really familiar.

Yeah.  I was just telling my wife the same thing about you.

My name is ….

Great.  My name is …

So how do we know each other?

Did you work at …

No.  Did you go to school at ….

Turns out we both graduated from business school at the same university.  We probably passed each other countless times in the hallway each day.  We probably had a handful of classes together.

In the brief time of catching up she shared that she has three kids and is busy being a wife and mom.  I shared that after a few failed attempts in the business world, I heard God’s call to ministry.  She then shared her experience with the power of the local church.  Here are her statements as best as I can remember them …

“I never grew up going to church.  Yet, after a really difficult time I started attending one.  I realized the importance of church.  I realized the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  It changed my life.  My church is now my family.”

That was it.  A short conversation.  We both resumed chasing our kids around as they walked on balance beams, jumped into foam pits, and bounced on trampolines.

It was yet another reminder of something I know to be true.

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