She Did What She Could …

Mondays are hectic … and they start early.

Thankfully, I’m blessed by what I get to do.

One: My Monday mornings begin at 6:45AM with prayer in the church sanctuary.  I gather with a handful of church members to pray for our church, church family, and community.  This morning was special.  I can’t wait to see how God moves in response to the prayers voiced in humility and submission this morning.

Two: Run home (I live across the street from the church) to eat a peanut butter sandwich (you know: one piece of bread, apply peanut butter, fold in half) at 7:45AM and spend a few minutes with my wife and daughter.  Literally, a few minutes.

Three:  Return to my office at 8AM for a weekly discipleship meeting with church member/friend.  We gather each week for prayer, accountability, and Bible Study.  We are currently reading through the Gospel of Mark.

Today a single phrase from Mark 14 has remained in my brain since I read it a few hours ago:  “She did what she could.”


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Mark 14 begins with the story of a woman who breaks an alabaster jar of perfume and pours it on the head of Jesus as an act of worship.  While the nameless woman worships, those watching the event unfold criticize.  The onlookers, in false piety ask, “Why this waste of perfume?” and then offer up better uses of the money.

Jesus rebukes the onlookers by saying, “She did what she could.”  I don’t want to spoil the story.  Go read it.  But Jesus goes on to say, “Wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told.”

My question for you:  What could you do to serve the Lord today?  What could you do to worship the Lord today?  What could you do in obedience to the Lord today?

At the end of this day may the Lord say,

“He did what he could.”

“She did what she could.”

Four: The day continues with Scripture bouncing around in my head.

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