Conversation Questions

dreamstime_s_24372614I have the pleasure of having conversations with a vast array of people in my role as pastor of First Baptist. People with different backgrounds and upbringings. People with different jobs, different families, and different goals. People with stories of great triumph alongside people with stories of great tragedy. In the midst of these conversations, I cherish the moments when things turn spiritual. Spiritual conversations often come with questions. I would like share three questions I often hear when things move from topics like the weather to topics like the deep things of faith.

My faith is coming alive. What do I do now?

Dive in! When Jesus called the original disciples he did not call them to be spectators. Rather, he called them to be fishers of people (Matthew 4:19, Mark 1:17, and Luke 5:10). They were not called to passively watch the mission unfold. Rather, they were called to fully engage, fully participate, and fully experience the mission of God. Show up to church ready to worship. Set aside time each day for prayer and Bible reading. If you learn something new – share it with someone. If you have a question – ask someone for guidance. If you see an opportunity to serve – go for it. Seek God and when he speaks follow in obedience.

How has God gifted me?

You probably already know the answer to this question. What do you have a passion for? What do you enjoy doing? What brings you excitement? How can you take your passion and excitement and use it to fully engage, fully participate, and fully experience the mission of God? Take “Bill” for example. He is a natural encourager and with his growing faith he has put that passion to good use. He routinely invites people to lunch with the intent to encourage them to keep following after Christ. He asks for prayer and ways in which he can help. It’s seems small but it’s the mission of God.

What does my faith mean for my family?

I frequently get this question and it usually comes with fear and anxiety. Many people begin to grow in faith but struggle with allowing their faith to be expressed within the family. I understand that it is a difficult thing but it is also a necessary thing. Your faith should have an impact on your marriage and your relationship with your kids. For starters, make prayer a priority in these relationships. Also, make prayer visible in these relationships. Are you and your spouse making a decision? Ask your spouse to join you in prayer over the decision – and then actually bow your heads and pray. Is your child worried or anxious about something? Don’t offer advice but offer up a prayer on behalf of your child. Allow your children to see you seek the will of God.

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