The Christian Funeral

I’ve recently officiated two Christian funerals. I will officiate another in the week to come. As a pastor, I plan many funerals and I attend many more. Every single one is unique. Some have live music; others use recordings. Some have family members share stories; others read an obituary. Some are hosted in a church sanctuary; others in a funeral home.

This might sound provocative, but some funerals are Christian funerals. This has nothing to do with the faith of the deceased. It is all about the contents of the celebration.

What makes a funeral a Christian funeral?

I might expound more at another time, but here are a few quick thoughts:

Hope: The Christian funeral contains Christian hope based on Scripture, not wishful thinking based on wild speculation.

Gospel: The Christian funeral contains preaching of the gospel, not the preaching of an obituary.

Worship: The Christian funeral contains worship of God Almighty, the give of life, abundant life, and eternal life.

I have a prayer for First Baptist church of Sulphur Springs: May we frequently celebrate Christian baptisms and Christian funerals. In Christian baptism we celebrate new life in Jesus Christ. In Christian funerals we celebrate eternal life in Jesus Christ.

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