God is With You

*Here’s a slightly edited version of the remarks I made to conclude our Christmas at First production at SSFBC.

On that first Christmas morning, Jesus left the glory and splendor of Heaven, was born to Mary, and placed in a manger. Jesus showed up in an unexpected way and continued to show up in unexpected places among unexpected people. He gave hope to the hopeless, life the lifeless, welcomed the outcast, and ate dinner with sinners like you and me. Jesus is God with us. Which means God is with you.

God is with the … 

Single parent struggling to survive.

School teacher heartbroken for her kids.

Child praying for parents to get along.

Business owner trying to make payroll.

Grieving widow overwhelmed with loneliness.

Farmer waiting on rain.

Addict fighting destructive habits.

High schooler figuring out next steps.

Truck driver away from family on Christmas day.

Middle-aged man fighting off boredom.

Middle-aged woman sinking into depression.

Woman receiving the cancer diagnosis. 

Man holding on to his marriage by his fingertips.

Tired one watching a parent slowly die.

And the …

Hiker beholding God’s creation.

Coach celebrating the big win.

Pilot landing safely at home.

Fourth grader winning the science fair

Singer hitting the high note.

Fisherman bringing in the big catch.

Mom welcoming a new child into the world.

Salesman making the deal.

Preacher seeing the lost soul walk down the aisle.

God is with you – not merely for your comfort but your salvation. The baby born in a manger grew to speak the words of God and perform the works of God.  His earthly ministry came to an end as he died on the cross for your sin.  Three days later he rose from the dead to bring you victory over sin and death.  He now sits at the right hand of the Heavenly Father waiting for you to join him in the place he’s prepared for you.

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