To the Glory of God

Bruce Welch
September 20, 1958 — July 24, 2022

I had countless conversations with Bruce Welch about his desire to see the people of our church experience Spirit-filled, Christ-centered, God-glorifying lives.  He knew that such a life begins with encountering the God of the Bible.  Thus, he dedicated his ministry to teaching the Bible and equipping Bible study leaders.  Walking into Bruce’s office a few days after his death, I spotted his Bible Study outline dated June 26, 2022, laying upon his desk.  

Bruce created an outline every week to equip our Bible Study leaders to better teach the Bible.  He loved it and our church was healthier, stronger, and more Christ-like because of it.  Bruce served as the Minister of Education/Discipleship of the First Baptist Church of Sulphur Springs, Texas for 24 years.  That’s 1,248 Sunday morning Bible studies.  Imagine the number of people who filled the seats for those studies.  Once you do – you begin to scratch the surface of Bruce’s impact.  Yet, none of his faithful and selfless service was done for show or the applause of people.  He served to the glory of God. 

Bruce knew a holy and perfect Savior.  Through the completed and sufficient work of Jesus, Bruce was moved from death to life, from sinner to saint.  He is now experiencing the glory of eternal life.

To the holy people of Sulphur Springs – Honor Bruce’s life and ministry through a passionate pursuit of Jesus.  

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jeff 

2 thoughts on “To the Glory of God

  1. All I can do for my God is to love and try to live in His Image. I know Bruce’s study of the Bible helped me understand His word on my level which sadly is very low. But Bruce will live on in my heart. My heart goes out to you Pastor Jeff and our church staff.


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