Here is Milwaukee

E.B. White (of Charlotte’s Webb fame) wrote a small book titled, “Here is New York.” In the summer of 1948, he sat in a NYC hotel room and penned a nostalgic essay reflecting on the city. It is a personal favorite which I’ve read a dozen times.

I’ve loved a few places in my 39 years. Perhaps one day I’ll write a book about a coffee shop on the edge of Baylor University or Tonkawa Falls in Crawford, Texas or downtown Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Having recently completed my fourth trip to the city, Milwaukee is working its way onto my short list of places. I love the old buildings, diverse neighborhoods, frozen custard, and people.

Many mistakenly believe God looks down from Heaven and sees borders and nations. Of course, he sees those things because he sees all things. But more importantly, God sees people. He sees people in desperate need of the gospel.

Here’s a few pics from my recent mission trip to share the gospel with the good people of Milwaukee. I had the privilege of serving alongside 31 faithful servants from First Baptist Church of Sulphur Springs, Texas.

One thought on “Here is Milwaukee

  1. A wonderful mission. Blessings for the church group as well as those receiving your blessings in Milwaukee.


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