Sustainability: A Day with Dr. Redmond

Last week I spent the day with Dr. Charles Redmond. I also enjoyed lunch with his son, Dr. Jon Redmond. It was a true blessing to my soul. Dr. Charles Redmond pastored the First Baptist Church of Sulphur Springs from 1980 to 1990. Since leaving our historic church, Dr. Redmond has pastored the First Baptist Church of Pasadena, Texas for the last 30+ years. The church has voted that upon Charles’ retirement, Jon will leave his role as associate pastor to become senior pastor.

During our time together, Dr. Redmond was generous and kindhearted as I asked questions about his time in Sulphur Springs. His love for the church was evident in every memory he shared. I’m always grateful to be in the presence of a happy pastor.

Dr. Redmond provided me with valuable lessons learned from leading a church which puts a priority on evangelism. In the process of that discussion, he unintentionally provided a few words about sustainability in ministry. One statement stands above them all, “Jeff, don’t start something you can’t sustain.” He went on to reflect upon the evangelism programs he started and sustained for the long haul.

Dr. Redmond has sustained a ministry that reflects his love for God, his love for God’s word, and his love for God’s church.

May all pastors be happy pastors!

One thought on “Sustainability: A Day with Dr. Redmond

  1. Yes I joined the church under Dr Redman he provided a leadership that was perfect for our church at that time. But you are God’s perfect person for our church now. You bring your heart and God’s words to mine.


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