Lessons Learned in a Pandemic

I’m working on a list of lessons learned while pastoring during a pandemic. These are lessons learned without any further context or explanation. Perhaps a book is in here somewhere. The list is in no particular order.

Here’s the first draft list:

#1 Pastors need big hearts and thick skin

#2 Leaders are formed in fire

#3 There is no substitute for clear communication

#4 God can turn your mountains of worry into molehills of insignificance

#5 It’s me, Oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer

#6 Be a fountain, not a drain

#7 The gates of hell will not prevail against the church

#8 If you don’t have Christian community – find it now!

#9 Hold your family tight

#10 Don’t make the preacher lie at your funeral

2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned in a Pandemic

  1. Number 10 is my favorite! But you should have put the Pastor and his family on your prayer list. He is carrying more burdens than you know. Think of all your burdens multiple that by the number of members that is his burden!


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