Make Me A Flame of Fire

I recently stumbled upon a quote. It has continued to echo in my brain and heart.

“Everywhere the Apostle Paul went, there was either a riot or a revival. Everywhere I go, they serve tea.”

– attributed to a former Archbishop of Canterbury

This quote has been coupled with a recent reread of “Shadow of the Almighty.” The two make a dangerous combination.

My worn out copy of “Shadow of the Almighty”

Jim Elliot wrote in his personal journal, “[He Makes] His ministers a flame of fire.” He goes on to ask, “Am I ignitible? God deliver me from the dread asbestos of ‘other things.’ Saturate me with the oil of the Spirit that I may be aflame. But flame is transient, often short-lived. Canst thou bear this, my soul – short life? In me there dwells the Spirit of the Great Short-Lived, whose zeal for God’s house consumed Him.”

Reflecting on this journal entry, Elizabeth Elliot penned, “That prayer was answered immediately and also ultimately.”

At the age of 29 Jim Elliot, along with four other missionaries, traveled deep into the jungles of Ecuador to share the gospel with the Auca people. Their effort cost them their lives.

Dave Howard worked alongside Jim during their days at Wheaton College: “During those weeks [when Jim penned the quote above] the Lord did a work in our own hearts, and to this day I can hear Jim preaching with a passion which I have seldom seen in anyone else. Several years later, when I was representing missions among students, more than once I ran into young people in colleges or Bible schools around the country who had originally responded to God’s claims as a result of Jim’s preaching.”

God, make me a flame of fire.

God Almighty, allow me to pastor a church that brings revival not a church that serves tea. If riot comes our way, so be it.

2 thoughts on “Make Me A Flame of Fire

  1. Pastor,
    I loved the quote, “God, make me a flame of fire.” It reminds me of a quote that a friend of mine, Jake Hess, with the Cathedral Quartet made to the listeners after singing a powerful song in one of their concerts; “IF THAT DON’T LIGHT YOUR FIRE, YOUR WOOD’S WET.” I agree with you, we ALL need that flame of fire.


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