New Normal

New Normal

We’ve gained a new vocabulary in 2020. We now frequently use words such as social distance and pandemic.  We are now familiar with medical term novel coronavirus.  A phrase that interests me from this new vocabulary: “new normal.”  I hear people say they are “finding a new normal” or they ask, “Is this the new normal?”

In these conversations, people long for comfort and predictability or lament the loss of comfort and predictability.

The first Sunday of 2020 pastors across the nation preached vision 2020 sermons.  But we didn’t see this coming our way:

The COVID-19 pandemic shutdown the US economy, caused 496K worldwide deaths and 127K US deaths, halted funerals and hospital visits, and closed church doors. Even on Easter Sunday.

The Impeachment trial of President Trump, among other factors, created an ever-increasing political and ideological divide.

The death of George Floyd sparked nationwide response – to include peaceful protest and a much needed conversation on racial equality but also riots, looting, and destruction of statues and monuments.

When I view “new normal” through the lens of faith I discover the life of faith is rarely one of comfort and predictability. Rather, God frequently moves us outside of our comfort zone and into spaces of unpredictability.  In these spaces we see God’s greatness and God’s great work.

I’m not interested in a new normal, but I’m fascinated with us being people of faith in uncomfortable and unpredictable times.

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