Church “Membering” in Pandemic

Not long ago I published a reflection titled Pastoring in Pandemic.  You can find that post: Here. A few days after that post, I received an email from a faithful church member who provided a beautiful response titled Church “Membering” in Pandemic.  It is brilliant.  I asked and received permission to share it with you.  Thank you to this church member, known to me, but who will remain anonymous for the purpose of this post.

Church “Membering” in Pandemic by Faithful Church Member

  1. Pray, Pray, Pray … for your pastor, brothers and sisters in Christ, the world.
  2. Seek to see God’s hand at work through current situations.
  3. Remind yourself daily/hourly that God is not surprised by this, He knew all along and is still in control.
  4. Study and read your Bible more than ever.
  5. Continue to be faithful in giving to God.
  6. Be faithful to “attend & participate” in church. (Comment those ‘Amens’.)
  7. Reach out, offer help, and encouragement to others. Spark joy in others.
  8. Write notes of encouragement. (Who doesn’t perk up at a handwritten note.)
  9. Defer and prefer to others personal preferences. (“Ouch, my toes.”)
  10. Now is not the time to call in your complaints or criticisms.
  11. Give generously to others.
  12. Take initiative to stay informed of church schedules and announcements.
  13. Less Netflix, more of God’s Word.
  14. Journal your thoughts, feelings, concerns, prayers and offset each one with God’s word and promises.
  15. When a person crosses your mind, yield to the Holy Spirit immediately, even if it’s just a phone call.  (A personal call is never ‘just’ a phone call.)
  16. Keep your word to pray. (Even if you just commented “praying” or used praying hands emoji on social media.)
  17. Look for opportunities to serve.
  18. Share with others how God has spoken to your heart. Speak blessings.
  19. Share recommendations of spiritual resources that have blessed you.
  20. “Marie Kondo” your thought life.
  21. Pray for people to seek God and find Him.
  22. Pray for opportunities to share your testimony.
  23. Pray for leaders to make wise decisions.
  24. Pray for the lonely and sick and depressed to feel God’s comfort.
  25. Protect your spirit and mind from things that do not encourage you toward God.  (Less FOX/CNN/Facebook and the like, more worship & meditation on God’s greatness.)
  26. Be quiet and allow God to speak to you. 

If you think this list is too long and repetitive…refer back to number 9.

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