Loyal, Humble Servants

Taylor Smith, once a bishop of the Church of England, wrote in a personal memo,

“As soon as I awake each morning I rise from bed at once. I dress promptly.  I wash myself, shave and comb my hair. Then fully attired, wide awake and properly groomed I go quietly into my study.  There, before God almighty, and Christ my King, I humbly present myself as a loyal subject to my Sovereign, ready and eager to be of service to Him for the day.” *

No king is a king without a kingdom to rule.  God Almighty rules over a kingdom of loyal, humble servants. To pray “Thy Kingdom come” you must be willing to bow before your King, release control of your own affairs, and allow Him to guide your decisions.


*Quote found in W. Phillip Keller, A Layman Looks at the Lord’s Prayer (Chicago, Il: Moody, 1976), 68.

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