Child-like Faith


*My crazy crew pictured above. 

Jesus calls us to be child-like.  Now there is a big difference between being childish and child-like.  Being childish is repeatedly asking, “Are we there yet?” and “Why?”  Being child-like is pulling on the pant leg of your father and asking, “What are you doing? Can you help me to understand? Can you show me how?”

I want to show you two quick things about being child-like:

Children are dependent

Parents you know this to be true. Your children come to you for basic things like food, clothing, shelter.  Yet, they come to you for deeper things like support, comfort, encouragement, and guidance.

Jesus says: Come to me like children.  Be dependent upon me.

Children receive gifts

Parents you know this as well.  You know how excited your children get on Christmas and birthdays.  They can’t wait to open presents.  When you return from a trip, you are asked  “What did you get me?” before you receive a hug.  Children receive gifts.

Now adults don’t handle gifts well.  Go to dinner with a group of friends and at some point the check will come.  You will then see a group of adults fight over paying the bill.  Adults often don’t want to receive a gift.  They want to earn things.  They want to work for things.  We don’t want to be in someone’s debt.

Jesus says: I don’t want you to earn anything.  I want you to follow. I want you to receive the eternal life I offer to you as a gift.  

Jesus wants us to come to him as children.

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