The “Pastor Wall”


The “Pastor Wall” at First Baptist Sulphur Springs makes my jaw drop nearly every time I walk by it.  Perhaps after time I will get used to seeing the long list of baptist legends that have served this historic church.

Sunday we were blessed to have one of our beloved pastors return to join us for worship.  As soon as I heard Dr. Richard Jackson would be in town, I called and invited him to provide the offertory prayer. It was great to see him stand behind the pulpit.

Dr. Jackson, son of a pioneer Baptist minister, holds degrees from Howard Payne University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  For a quarter of a century, he was pastor of one of the nation’s largest churches, North Phoenix Baptist Church. Retiring as pastor of North Phoenix in 1993, his leadership was credited with the church’s phenomenal growth.  This weekend Dr. Jackson told me, “People thought I was out of my mind to leave Sulphur Springs to lead a church with a sanctuary of 100 people each Sunday.”  He said, “but God provided and it all worked out fine.” At the time of his retirement membership of North Phoenix Baptist Church was more than 22,000.

Dr. Jackson now spends his time serving as interim pastor in churches across Texas and serves as president of the Jackson Center for Evangelism in Brownwood, Texas.


3 thoughts on “The “Pastor Wall”

  1. I love seeing this picture! Dr. Jackson married Jerry and me on September 10, 1966. We went to Falls Creek Baptist Encampment years later to hear him preach. He said he was glad some of those he married stayed together! In the last two years, Richard sent us congratulations on being married 50 years!
    Judy George Polson


  2. I was absolutely blessed to have been a part of North Phoenix Baptist Church from 1987 until 1993 while pastor Richard Jackson was there. He is a man I truly love with all my heart. There has never been a more fervent Pastor than he. He is all about loving, and teaching Jesus.There is only truth of the Bible that comes from his lips. I have thanked God many times for leading me to NPBC and for allowing our paths to cross. I miss him greatly, and over the years have kept in touch with my friend and Pastor. What this country needs is an army of Richard Jacksons, in my book one of the greatest preachers of the word that our good Lord put on this earth.


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