Ice Cream Money for Jesus


A kid from the 1st Grade Yellow team approached me before the kickoff of Vacation Bible School Day Two …

Cute Kid: Pastor Jeff! I went to the dentist.

Me: Oh dear.  How did it go?

Cute Kid: I got these two bucks for ice cream money.  But I brought it to put in the offering today.

Me:  That just might be the greatest thing I hear all week.

After the opening rally began, I pulled this little gospel partner up on stage.  He told his story to the collected group.  I beamed with joy at this kid’s beginning steps of what I pray is a lifelong journey of following Jesus.

Ice cream money for Jesus.   Talk about sacrifice.  Talk about gospel partnership.

I pray that the kids who trample through our hallways this week grow to be men and women who are mature, devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  I also pray that I never grow weary of investing in the lives of young ones for the sake of the gospel.

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