God and Hesitant Humans

God is great.  God is also great at breaking down comfort zones.  Throughout Scripture you witness God move people far beyond points they ever thought possible.  Along the way you hear conversations much like this:

God: Do this.

Hesitant Human: But I can’t.

God: Yes, you can.

Hesitant Human:  But you don’t understand.

God: Yes, I do.

Hesitant Human:  But I’m so weak.

God: Yes, you are.  But I’m not.

The end product is God using broken and weak humans to do powerful and amazing things.  These powerful and amazing things always take place far beyond comfort zones.  In fact, comfort zones cant even be seen from the perspective of God’s powerful and amazing things.

Feeling stretched?  You stand in good company.  Not feeling stretched?  Give God your “yes.”

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