The Plate Thing


After church yesterday a young boy handed me a drawing on a piece of scrap paper (the product label of an article of clothing) and asked with a big smile on his face, “Can I do this next week?”

I glanced at the drawing but couldn’t figure out exactly what it depicted.  I responded, “What are you wanting to do?”

He said, “You know … the plate thing in church.”

This recently baptized second grader was seeking to help take up the offering in worship.  I immediately walked him over to our deacon responsible for recruiting the offering team and said, “You’ve got extra help next week.”

May we all be so eager to serve.

2 thoughts on “The Plate Thing

  1. “As you did it unto the least of these, you did it unto me.” Thanks for offering encouragement to this sweet boy and allowing God to grow his servant heart.


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