Tonight, I Go to Prison

The Bible and the prison cell are not strangers to each other.

In fact, God has a long history of moving among lion dens, fiery furnaces, jail houses, and kangaroo courts.

I love the scene in Acts 4 in which Peter and John ask their accusers, “What is right in God’s eyes: to listen to you, or to him?”

Church history tells a long story of people being converted, deepening faith, attending seminary, doing the work of an evangelist …. all in prison.

For over 5 years the women of my church have been faithful in leading a Bible study each week at a nearby prison.  They read the Bible with a group of women who are not innocent.  Far from it.  Yet, in context of confinement, these women in white are seeking the Creator God  and are desperate to honor him with their remaining days.

I’m a few hours away from being an invited guest among these women.  My task is to speak directly towards two questions:  How did we get the Bible?  How do we study the Bible?

It is a difficult and joyful topic.  It is difficult because the topic is so big and I want to get it right!  It is joyful because the topic is so near and dear to my heart.

When I was a college freshman, a mentor invited me into his home every Monday night.  We read, memorized, studied, and prayed Scriptures.  My life has never been the same.

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