The Beach Life


I recently returned from a family vacation at the beach.  In between waves and sand, I learned a few lessons (perhaps for the 100th time).

You are Small (God is big)

For anyone who thinks they are big, important, or powerful … spend a few moments on the shore of the ocean.  In reality, you are quite small.  It is laughable to flex your muscles in sight of the massive ocean.  God created the ocean, every animal that calls the ocean home, and every grain of sand on the beach.  You are small and God is big.

Your Work Will Not Last (God’s Work is Eternal)

My kids spent countless hours digging on the beach.  They made everything from castles to pirate ships.  Thanks to a heavy duty shovel, we made a number of massive structures.  Yet, the sand creations never lasted more than a few hours.  If they survived the ocean waves, they were soon crushed by the feet of other beach goers.   You can work and toil but your efforts will rust, rot, or break down.  Only the work of God is eternal.

You Can Run (But You Can’t Hide From God)

Texas is a BIG place.  The beach is an 8 hour drive (well, with 2 kids!) from our central Texas home.  One day on the beach, 8 hours from home, I looked up and saw a familiar face.  After a friendly conversation, I voiced the expression, “It’s a small world.”  If you can’t escape familiar faces, there’s no way you can escape the creator of Heaven and Earth.

But let me tell you something … you don’t want to escape God.  He loves you and cares for you.  Don’t believe me?  Look to the cross.  He loves you so much that he provided a Savior.

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