Finding a Gem


Last week I stumbled unto a book sale.  I’m always on the hunt for books but a missed turn led me to this pile.  I was taking my little guy to the park when I missed the exit.  This slight detour forced me to drive an extra block.  At the corner of the extra block I saw the sign “Used Book Sale.”  I immediately pulled into the parking lot of a Presbyterian Church.  I showed up right as doors opened and walk through the sale as the first customer.

I was inside for less than 10 minutes and walked away with a great pile and one gem.

There are a number of things I look for at used book sales.  In regards to this gem, I look for old books and books with inscriptions.  I love reading a book knowing a little about the person that held it years ago.  This gem happened to be really old, contained a wonderful inscription, and is a commentary on a Biblical book that is the centerpiece of my doctoral work.

The book is Barnes’ Notes on the Book of Acts published in 1838.



The inscription, best I make make out through faint and cursive writing, reads:

Lacy Henderson

August 2 1840


Mrs. Hary Robertson

Presented by 

Lacy Henderson

Feb 7th 1841


An absolute gem.  An absolute steal for $1.

We also had fun at the park.

3 thoughts on “Finding a Gem

  1. Hi Jeff

    For some reason, I can’t get the “Comments” section to work on my computer so, please forgive this reply if you prefer to not handle comments this way.

    As far as the book goes, “FANTASTIC”. I align myself with your fascination for books, especially older ones with a history. As a retired chemistry and physics instructor, I collect old text books and related books on those subjects. I found an old chemistry text in the Haunted Bookshop on the Creek (no joke) in Ames, Iowa abut 20 years ago. Copyright was in the early 1800’s. It’s in my office at my college right now so I can’t be exactly sure of the date.

    One more quick thing and I’ll quit bothering you. An elderly friend, who lives in Mesquite, and I share and discuss, via email, all the important things in the universe. 😁. The quote, below, from Dallas Willard is one of those items. I’d appreciate your take on it if you desire and have the time.

    “There is no substitute for simple satisfaction in the word of God, in the presence of God. That affects all your actions.” Dallas Willard


    Troy Lilly

    Snyder, TX



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