Lord, Disrupt Me!

*This was a recent sermon.  Many of the sermonic elements have remained in place.

Dried Ground

In Acts 4 Peter and John embody discipleship and mission. Jesus changed them and they changed the world by proclaiming the message of Jesus. Yet, they were unschooled, ordinary men. The only explanation – these men had been with Jesus. Imagine if this church was filled with such people?

As we reflect on Acts 4 we will discuss four dangerous prayers. These are dangerous prayers … because God answers them. What is the most dangerous prayer you’ve ever voiced? I believe many of us play it safe when it comes to our prayer life.

 Last week we looked at the prayer “Lord, use me!” and today we follow it up with “Lord, disrupt me!” This is a dangerous prayer because God will take you out of your comfort zone.

 We simply like things comfortable. We like safety. We like security. Yet, God likes to move us from our comfort zone.

 I’m sure Peter and John were just fine in their previous life as fisherman. Familiar. Routine. Yet, I’m sure Peter and John were not in their comfort zones having conversations with crippled beggars. I’m sure Peter and John were not in their comfort zones being thrown into prison. Jesus disrupted them. Jesus showed them that their comfort is not to be a concern. The ministry of the gospel is of utmost importance.

There is nothing comfortable about the gospel. The gospel is the story of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for the sins of the world. Not comfortable. Not one bit.

Lord, disrupt me. Give me your eyes. Give me your heart. Disrupt my routine.

Some of us are too comfortable. We need God to disrupt us.

Peter and John encountered a lame beggar. Those stuck in their comfort zone might respond with “That’s a shame. Someone should help.”     Peter and John were thrown into prison. Those stuck in their comfort zones might respond, “This must not be the will of God!”   Peter and John were threatened not to speak the name of Jesus. Those stuck in their comfort zone might respond, “Sounds great. Please let me go.”

Those who pray “Lord, disrupt me!” are more concerned with obedience than comfort. Now I fully realize this sounds like crazy preacher talk. Perhaps it is. Or perhaps its not.

I do know it’s Biblical talk.

Biblical Disruption Moments:

  • Genesis 12: Call of Abram
  • Exodus 3: Moses at Burning Bush
  • 1 Samuel 3: The LORD Calls Samuel
  • 2 Samuel 12: Nathan Confronts King David
  • Isaiah 6: Isaiah’s Vision and Response
  • Back Half Of Old Testament: God’s People in Exile
  • Mark 2: Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man
  • Luke 19: Zacchaeus Up A Tree
  • Acts 9: Paul’s Damascus Road Experience

The Bible gives us numerous disruption moments.  I’ve had a few of my own.

  • I remember walking into church as a high school senior and God using that church to flip everything upside down for me.
  • I remember failing in a business career and God calling me into ministry.
  • I remember being dirt poor in seminary, working three jobs, and leaning into God with absolutely all that I had.
  • I remember God moving us to small town, home to a former president.
  • I remember being disrupted on every mission trip I’ve ever been on … Germany, Ethiopia, three trips to Romania, two trips Texas/Mexico border, a few days at the prison in Gatesville, among others.

I’ve had a few disruption moments. What about you? The Lord wants to use you. But know that he will also destroy your comfort zone.

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