Dangerous Prayers

Very early in my time at First Baptist I preached a sermon titled, “Four Dangerous Prayers.” The sermon came to my mind this week. Perhaps these prayers might be a help to you.

PRAYER #1: Lord, use me! This is a dangerous prayer because God has no problem taking you up on your offer. It doesn’t always make sense to me but God has chosen the church as the instrument to share his message. The church is the chosen instrument to accomplish God’s will. He begs for us to surrender ourselves. He wants to use us.

PRAYER #2: Lord, disrupt me! This is a dangerous prayer because God will take you out of your comfort zone. We like comfort, safety, and security. Yet, God likes to move us from our comfort zone. I’m sure the disciples were not comfortable being thrown into prison. Yet, God disrupted them. God showed them that our comfort is not to be a concern. The ministry of the gospel is of utmost importance.

PRAYER #3: Lord, break me! This is a dangerous prayer because brokenness is not easy. Are there things in your life God wants to remove? Are there things that God wants to add to your life? I love Jeremiah 18 where God is described as the Potter. As the Potter, God takes the clay in his hands and molds it. If the clay is marred, he breaks it down.

PRAYER #4: Lord, heal me! This is a dangerous prayer because we must come to grips with our need. We are broken people in need of a Savior. We must never loose sight of this truth.

Perhaps danger isn’t always a bad thing.

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