Baylor University, Presidential Candidates, and Orlando

While I was in seminary, I spent some time as an intern for Mission Waco. My intern status meant that I worked 40+ hours a week in some of the most difficult and stressful situations I have ever faced – all for the satisfaction of a job well done. A few weeks into this adventure, a catchphrase developed among the group of interns. When faced with a complex problem or a lack of answers we would respond, “I don’t know … but the tomb is empty and Jesus is alive.” Perhaps it was flippant and juvenile, but it got me through some difficult moments.

Many years later I still find myself repeating this line from time to time. It always brings a smile to my face. It forces me to reflect on fond memories. It also forces me to reflect on a profound truth: No matter what I face today I have hope that comes from the gospel.

In the last few weeks I’ve been asked my opinion on the recent scandal at Baylor University, presidential candidates, and more recently, the mass shooting in Orlando.

I happen to have strong opinions on each subject but my mind often returns to the flippant catchphrase, “I don’t know … but the tomb is empty and Jesus is alive.”

 My first opinion should always be a result of the truth of the gospel. And reflect the hope of the gospel. The situation may be dark … but Jesus is greater. The outcome may look bleak … but Jesus is greater. Jesus doesn’t merely take bad things and make them good. Rather, he takes dead things and makes them come alive. May we proclaim the truth and hope of Jesus.

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