Church of Warts, Scars, and Conflicts

Let’s be honest – church can be difficult. If church is done right you will most likely sit in a pew next to people with different backgrounds, different hobbies, different incomes, different personalities, and many more differences. Let’s be completely honest – you will most likely sit next to people you would never spend time with otherwise. The one thing you have in common? A Savior in Jesus Christ. These differences can make church difficult but they also make church powerful. Church is a thing of God – not a thing of man.

In Ephesians 3:1-13 the church is described as God’s intended messenger for the wisdom and grace of God. Yes, the church might have its warts, scars, and conflicts – but that does not keep the church from its mission. Together, and it must be together, we are great messengers of grace. The stories of our lives are billboards promoting God’s grace to sinners. Let nothing keep us from displaying God’s grace.

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