Doctorate of Ministry Seminar


There has been a lack of activity on the blog for the last month.  Let me assure you – it was with good reason.

I spent the past two weeks in my first doctorate of ministry seminar at Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary.   I joined my cohort of 9 fellow pastor-theologians on an adventure through 1 Corinthians studying the proclamation of the kingdom.  We were given a syllabus at the first of July filled with book lists, reading assignments, papers to write, and presentations to prepare.  We showed up the first day of the seminar with all the work completed, ready to share and learn.

Here are a few random observations from the previous two weeks:

1. Baylor University is an amazing place.  It is filled with first class facilities, top-notch faculty, and passion for the church.  (It also has an amazing football team).

2. Drs. Joel Gregory and Preben Vang are experts in their given fields of study.  It was incredible to hear Dr. Vang’s insights into Biblical background study and fascinating to hear Dr. Gregory’s planned and unplanned comments on the field of homiletics.

3. Cohort learning is encouraging and challenging.  I learned so much from the work of this group.  I look forward to more time with them in the years to come.

4. The letter of 1 Corinthians has more depth than I ever imagined.  (If your interested in hearing about the patron-client relationship that runs throughout 1 Corinthians – just let me know!)

5. There is great value in learning from getting your hands dirty and doing the work AND then having someone show you a better way.  Although I’d always appreciate hearing the better way first!

6. I love that I made the decision to do this but question my sanity.  This took a great amount of time and effort – but I’m better for it.

7. I’m thankful for my wife and her support and encouragement.  She is a gem.  I’m blessed by her every single day.

8. I’m thankful for FBC Crawford and the trust they’ve placed in me.  I consider it an honor to pastor this church.

The first seminar is in the books.  The second seminar is in February.  I’ve ordered the assigned books and I’m waiting on further instructions.  I’d love all the encouragement and prayers you have to offer.


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