Redemption is a Beautiful Thing

Baseball Cards

When I was a kid LOVED collecting baseball cards. I’d get my parents to take me to card stores and card shows. I’d buy them, trade them, store them, display them.

recycleIt was an expensive hobby for a 12 year old.  So every weekend I’d wake up and tie a garbage bag to my bike. I’d peddle the neighborhood looking for aluminum cans. I’d find them along the roadside, thrown in empty fields, at the bus stops. The apartment complex down the street was a treasure chest of cans. After a few weeks of collecting I’d have enough bags to warrant a trip to the recycling center. I would take in smelly, dirty, sticky, discarded cans and walk out with cold hard cash.

Redemption is a beautiful thing.

God redeems us through the life, death, burial, resurrection, and future return of Jesus Christ.   God takes broken people and provides his Spirit to make broken things whole.

We don’t work for anything. Christ has already accomplished everything.

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