How Do You Read The Bible? (Pt 2)

…. a continuation of a previous post.  Check it out here.

You read the same chapter of Scripture for an entire week.  What does that look like?

There is no complicated structure.  Yet, the majority of my time reading Scripture will always be devoted to meditation and prayer.

Meditation.  I read the Scripture slowly.  I prefer to read it out loud.  Reading it out loud forces me to slow down and concentrate.  I read the chapter a second a time making note of phrases and words that stand out to me.  I will highlight or make note of those.  I read it a third time but take the time to stop when I encounter a phrase or word that captured my attention during the second reading.

Prayer.  I pray using the Scripture passage.  For example, Philippians 3 begins with “Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord!”  That verse causes me to stop and list reasons that I have to rejoice in the Lord.  I name them.  I give God praise.  I then might pray, “Lord, are there areas in which I’m not rejoicing?  Show them to me.”  I would then proceed to pray through the chapter in a similar fashion.

What do you have with you as you read the Bible?

For my devotional reading of the Bible I have nothing but my Bible, a pen, and a highlighter.

I have no resources with me.  I don’t want to turn my devotional reading into an excuse to run down rabbit trails or points of interest. I’m prone to do that.   I also don’t want to take away from time devoted to reading Scripture in order to read resources.  If I have questions that need to be looked up – I make note of it and do it at a different time.

Do you journal?

At this point and time?  No.

There was a time when journaling was a spiritual discipline that aided my spiritual growth a great deal.  I loved it.  It gave me focus.  It gave me an opportunity review.  Yet, it has been a while since I taken up the practice.  I’ve replaced it with a slow and deliberate reading of Scripture.  I’m sure there will come a time when I return to journaling.

I’ll turn this into a 3 part series.  Come back for a wrap up next week.

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