3 Questions I Don’t Get Asked Enough

Acts GraphicI’ve been leading our Wednesday Night Men’s Bible Study through the Book of Acts.  It has been a great study thus far.  Great questions.  Great observations.  Great discussion.

Reading Acts never gets dull for me.  In fact, it challenges me, stretches me, and grows me every time.

Getting prepared for tomorrow night I read Acts 2 for the 15th or 20th time over the last few weeks.  I’m always struck by the question the disciples receive after Peter’s Pentecost sermon, “Brothers, what shall we do?”

In my role as a pastor I get asked questions on regular basis – phone calls, text messages, emails, office visits, quick questions in the hallway.  In light of the powerful question offered up in Acts 2:37, here are 3 questions that I don’t get asked enough:

1)  What is keeping my faith from growing?

2) How can I look more like Jesus Christ?

3) How do I put my gifts to work?

Those are the types of questions that transform a person, a church, a community, and the world.

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